The Role of the Amateur/Individual – New Challenges in Screen Media

In the past few years there has been an incredible development in the world of technology. I am not just talking about the progress of the Internet and all its social platforms, I am also referring to the huge amount of new tools and softwares that have became available and affordable for amateurs as well as for professionals. All this has contribute to blur the limits between producer and consumer in the field of the Screen Media.

As I have said, the limits have been blurred and thanks to this a lot of unknown people with an outstanding talent have been able to show their work to the world. That is what happened with a young Swiss musician called Adrian Von Ziegler, who started his YouTube Channel has a hobby and now has a community of over 500.000 fans that are completely in love with his music.

It is true, however, that not every single story is a story of success for there are a lot of people who tried and never succeeded, some because of the lack of talent but because of the lack of sacrifice and perseverance. It might seem simple on the outside, but there is a lot of work behind every story of success.

This development in the world of technology has contributed to create relatively new figure in de Screen Media panorama, I am talking about the “blogger”. Nowadays professional cameras are at the reach of everyone, and also editing softwares like the ones offered by adobe. All of this together with a bit of creativity and working spirit has led those bloggers not only to create an online community around their figures, but also to become referents in the fields they are working, in other words, to become famous. And due to this, to become opinion leaders.

That could be the case of Olivia Emily and ReeRee Phillips, both extremely famous within the gothic subculture, one with the blog and the other with her YouTube channel. They both have become in a couple of years what we could consider public figures, and they both have adopted the roll of being a role model, of marking fashion and make up guides, and ultimately of creating opinion trends.

However, we must take into account that there is another side in the coin. Why were they successful when others failed? What is it that has made them special and popular? How can someone who hasn’t study fashion design, music or whatever became that popular in that particular field? All these are questions that should be taken into account while thinking about this subject, but unfortunately I have no answer for them.

As a conclusion I would like to state that, for me, this huge development in technology that has given the amateur the possibility to both create and consume Screen Media has a more important positive side. It has allowed artists, musicians, filmmakers, etcetera, to show their work and talent to the world when they had no other way to do it.


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