The Role of the Professional – Engaging the Public through Popular Screen Media

With the popularisation of Social Media and all the different kinds of Social Media, professionals – politicians, activists, media producers, etc. – have been given a new way to approach the public, a new way to approach us the normal citizens. Some could say that this is the best approach, since we spent most of our time in Social and Digital platforms, but it also sets out a risk to take.

In this post I would like to write about what is known to me, and the better example I can think of is related to Spanish politicians, even more after the huge problems we faced on the last elections. Last year in Spain we spent months without a government and within that time most of our politicians decided that they should try a different approach to their possible future supporters, the young people. Due to this they all became very active in their social networks, mostly on Twitter, using an overfriendly tone that was not suitable at all for their position. Thanks to this – some would say wrong – decision they had to endure an incredibly insane amount of memes about themselves and also to deal with the constant and tireless attacks of trolls.

TV advertisement of a Spanish Politic group trying to engage with the hipster community.

From my point of view that was not the correct way neither of using their social media nor of trying to approach to their public. I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world, but at least in Spain people love to troll politicians, public people or companies that are active in their Social Networks, and that is the reason of the increasing importance of the figure of the community manager in Spain. A community manager is a professional in Digital Media. Not only are they responsible of creating and online community and promoting the product online, but also of dealing with trolls and mean people. And in Spain they are doing amazingly well taking humour as their weapon. We have reach a point where companies offer insane amounts of money to the best community managers in order to work for them. Surprisingly this way of dealing with trolls and haters has helped at the same time to the promotional task, for the online communities have grown considerably and the knowledge of the companies or products has also increased.

Captura de pantalla 2017-03-30 a las 12.31.48.png

  • Roi: I’ve opened one of the two pizzas I ordered and it was just the base, not ingredients or anything. Who do I phone?

  • Telepizza España: Did you opened the box upside down?
  • Roi: Yes, but it wasn’t yours, it was from @dominos that are much more yummy.
  • Telepizza España: As expected. Our customers would never open it upside down.

As a conclusion I would like to say that Digital Media could offer professionals a lot of possibilities of reaching and engaging with the public. Almost everyone is in one Digital Platform or another so it is the best way to reach the biggest amount of people possible. However not everything is easy and good for they are exposing themselves to the public and to the trolls and haters. For all of these, as far as I am concern public figures and companies should invest their money in hiring a Community Manager to take care of their social media and create an online community, as well as to avoid unwanted comments or attacks.



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