Is Social Media progressive or dangerous in 2017?

We are currently living on a constant changing society and we have to struggle every day to keep up with it. Regarding to this, our way of communication is one of the things that is changing at the highest pace thanks to the Social Media. Whether this is progressive or dangerous it is still to be discussed.

On one hand we cannot deny that Social Media has brought a revolution to our way of communicating with others. We can talk with people living on the other side of the world at real time; we can even watch each other faces despite of the distance. However, that amazing way of communication is not the only thing Social Media has brought us as it has become, over the last few years, into one of the most important places to get information. By this I mean that news fly so fast through platforms like Facebook or Twitter allowing us to know what is happening in the rest of the world without having to watch the news on TV or buy a newspaper.

On the other hand, Social Media also has quite a dangerous side. Not only are they platforms that allow anonymity, so that anyone can hide their identity, but they can also lead to misinformation. Talking about the anonymity it is utterly alarming the amount of fake accounts of people pretending to be who they are not to whatever purpose, unfortunately it is even more alarming the increasing cases of sexual abusers who start over the Social Media. Regarding to the misinformation, I must state that through Social Media we could be tempted to pay attention only to the kind of news that are more in accordance with our way of thinking, which can led us to a manipulate knowledge of the reality around us.

Finally I would like to talk about the great importance that Social Media got during the unfortunate latest terrorist attacks. Thanks to those platforms people were able to communicate with their loved ones, they were able to ask for help and even to show to the world what was happening. It was thanks to Social Media that we were able to react to it as soon as possible.

All that been said I would like to clarify that for me Social Media are neither progressive nor dangerous, they are just an inanimate tool. It is not the tool that has the will, but the intention with which we use it. So it is we, humans, who can be progressive or dangerous on the use of Social Media and for good or for bad each individual is unique and his or her true intentions cannot be revealed.


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